Turn to Rust

I believed your lie,
Time after time.
As I sit here and cry,
Trying to conjure up a rhyme.

I’ll never be the apple of your eye.
You’ll never be my leading man.
I am bound to you by this unwanted blood tie.
Far away from you, I ran and ran.

Do you feel sorrow?
Do you feel hurt?
Do you feel remorse?
Won’t you at least give me a glimmer of hope?

Your selfishness has become palpable.
You’ve lost all of my trust.
Maybe I’m irrational,
As I watch this bond turn to rust.

One thought on “Turn to Rust

  1. As the rust crumbles
    as the dust settles
    along comes a heart
    with thyee name on it

    A touch
    a kiss
    an embrace
    we have not had
    but knowing and feeling


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