Change: Flogging A Dead Horse


There’s the old saying, ‘You can’t flog a dead horse’. With each life experience, through my encounters with people, this saying has more meaning in my life. We always have expectations of people. More often than not, we’re left disappointed when they do not meet these expectations. When they fall short of my expectations, their response is either indifference or a promise to change for the better.

I’ve been fooled numerous times before believing that change is possible. It’s not, the only way to deal with people is to accept them as they are or cut off all ties and move on. I’ve had friends and exes abuse my trust, not appreciate the time that I invested in them and show a genuine disregard for me as a person.

I tend to give people a second, maybe even a third chance to be proactive and change for the better. After three strikes, I tend to back away knowing that more often than not, I’m flogging a dead horse. It takes a while to acknowledge that the horse is dead and cannot be revived back into action.

Therefore, I’ve learnt that it’s best to cut my losses and surround myself with people who shower my with positivity. It’s best to surround yourself with people who’ve made an effort from day one to show you that you’re great and unique. I always try to be good to people who are good to me. I thank the people in my life who’ve engulfed me with positive energy. Thanks to you, I strive for greatness each day.

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