The AA Baby

“I remember the year you were born, it was in 1987. That’s when your father went through a very bad phase. I remember you because you were the only infant whose dad was in AA. We called you the AA baby.” No one will ever know how I still cry, but this time, each tear … More The AA Baby

I Am The Other

Albert Camus, The Outsider One of my majors at university was English. I’ve always had a fondness for English literature and the pragmatics of the language. It was during my university days when I realized that I was indifferent. I also had the opportunity to delve into the subject of Othering in one of my … More I Am The Other

Le Chagrin

Scorching lies, I guess you never did try. Hot and cold, I’m growing old. Subliminal bliss, While I’m lost in this abyss. You’re happy I’m in the dark, As I lay here stark. I wished upon a star, But that too was far. There you go, With my battered heart in tow.

A Curious Case of Identity Theft?

You hear about identity theft occurring, but sometimes, we think that we are impervious to these strange events. From illegal immigrants pining for citizenship in your country, to drug lords trying to smuggle their goods across borders, to opportunistic goons wanting to commit financial fraud, and to the ever-growing presence of terrorist cells around the … More A Curious Case of Identity Theft?

Insomnia and Thinking

    Insomnia and thinking! The aforementioned have become synonymous with struggle in my life. Thinking too much led to my depression. After I was weaned off anti-depressants about four years ago, my sleeping patterns have taken a significant blow. Some nights, I lie awake at night… Me, Myself and My Thoughts. While it’s good … More Insomnia and Thinking

Slave to Society

Down this deserted street, Only battered faces to greet. Piercing life wide open, While everybody is moping. A fool to cry. A fool to try. Do you pray? As you watch the world around you decay? They’re trudging in the bitter cold. Their souls already sold. Into cookie-cutter oblivion, Count the fake smiles…a million.