Don’t Be Bitter, Get Better!


I’ve spent the last few months quietly observing human behaviour. This can occur on social media, where people find it easier to be more daring behind their phone screens, or face-to-face scenarios, where people slowly but surely drop their masks, only to reveal their true selves.

Most people who know me would likely define me as witty and quirky. I’m more of a hermit than a socialite. The only time that I choose to go out is with a handful of my friends, or my family. Now, I lead a simple, drama-free and uncomplicated life. Let’s just say, I like it that way. The greatest change in my life lately has been finding love again. Actually, this is by far the most connected that I’ve ever been with anyone. It’s a magical, mind-blowing experience when the other person reciprocates the same feelings.

I am beginning to find solid ground, plaster a permanent smile on my face, and worry less. The sad occurrence about my ‘happy’ phase is that not everyone is smiling with me nor is happy for me. I have a bone to pick with grown adults who seek solace in emanating malice and negativity into the lives of grounded people. If someone is down and out, lift them up! If someone is happy, feed off their positivity and brighten your own life!

I am not a religious person by any means. I am not even certain if there is a God. I do, however, possess a powerful mind with a moral compass. Therefore, I have an inherent understanding of what’s right and wrong. And, trying to dismantle others simply because they have peace of mind is wrong… It’s immoral.

We all go through the ongoing cyclic friendship process. This process dictates who our true friends are and who the snakes lying in wait to strike are. At the end of the day, I have loving sisters and parents who support my every move. I’ve recently gained a fifth ‘sister’ in the form of my boyfriend’s sister. His parents and mom in particular, possess the same level of caring that my parents shower me with. I have now reached that point in my life where I can extinguish energy vampires faster than you can count to one.

To the naysayers who fired negativity in my path, let me retaliate with positivity. I want to embrace you, engulf you with my positive aura and wish that peace of mind be with you always. Remember, don’t be bitter, get better!

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