Lessons Learnt In 2014


As the year comes to an end, some self-reflection was necessary. Here’s a quick summary of some of the main lessons that I’ve learnt this year:

-You should not let your past dictate your present or future. Live in the moment, don’t dwell on the skeletons from your past. It happened, you can’t change it, but you can learn from it and be better person.

-You will be left with a broken smile when give your heart to the wrong person. This is unfortunately one of life’s lessons. Heartache is a necessity to strengthen the human heart.

-People will always try and ruin what they cannot have because misery knows company. This is always the case when you find love and you’re content with the cards that life has dealt you. There will always be that atrocious downpour to rain on your parade!

-True friends will always be a constant fixture and a pillar of strength; fake ones will exit your life when you’re not living your life by their rules. Actions will always speak louder than words in the friendship game. Know your friends from your frenemies because life is much less burdensome without the weeds in it. Rather treasure the roses who want to stay in your life.

-Never settle for less, settle for what you deserve. Whether it’s your career or love life, never settle for the mediocre. In terms of love, some of us have such a low self-esteem that we settle for any moldy slice of bread. If people maim you, betray your trust and cheat, cut off that lifeline sooner rather than later.

-Something magical is bound to happen when you least expect it. I’ve learnt to open myself to all sorts of adventures. I thank the universe for showering my life with love towards the latter part of 2014.

-The more you learn and challenge yourself, the more knowledge you’ll have to impart to the world. You need to throw yourself in the deep-end, become self-reliant and read as much as you can to broaden your world-view. Knowledge distinguishes the wise men from the foolish ones.

-Only you, and you alone should determine your self-worth. I’m a lion, you’re a shark. We do things differently but we’re still magnificent and beautiful at what we do! Embrace your uniqueness because no one is the same and you should never allow anyone to tear down your worth.

-Know your strengths in the workplace and capitalise on it. To climb up the corporate ladder, focus on your positives and work on your weaknesses until they transform into your strengths.

-Family always comes first. Remember, your family helped you through thick and thin. Always find time for them and respect their advice. My family always offer me sound advice and steer me in the right direction. I am eternally grateful to have them in my life.

-He’s not your exes, so don’t sabotage a good thing by assuming he’ll do the same. My partner and I have learnt not to bunch us good eggs with the rotten eggs that we’ve encountered along the way. I’ve learnt that not every guy has ulterior motives.

-If you’ve invested time in studying, exploit the hell out of those qualifications to find your way in this world. Let’s face it, what’s the point of studying if you’re not going to use it to build a solid foundation for your future?

-You’re never too old to travel! Always explore new avenues which awards you with the opportunity to learn and experience different cultures, as well as perfect the art of introspection.

-Stop overthinking stuff. If something good happens, then 99.9% of the time, it is just that, something good! Don’t dampen good fortunes with bad thoughts.

-Love yourself enough to make an effort to keep fit and healthy. Exercise, a good sleep and minimal hard partying do you a world of good (so says the recluse).

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