The African Sky

I took out this photo when I was flying from Ghana to Burkina Faso; just before we started our descent into Ouagadougou. How glorious is this view?! I’m quite chuffed with this photo 🙂

West African Couture

A bevy of beauties commute about on their scooters looking ever-so-stylish and immaculately donning the most uniquely coloured and intricately-printed material. How can one not appreciate the charm and exuberance of West African couture? Over the course of a year, I have had the great fortune of traveling to several West African countries and experience … More West African Couture

Trois Allumettes

   C’est la première fois que j’ai dĂ©cidĂ© d’exprimer mes pensĂ©es en français. Je veux Ă©crire au sujet de l’amour. Quand tu aimes une personne, il faut que tu protĂ©gez cet amour. Tu ne dois pas faire mal Ă  la personne que vous aimez. Alors, c’est une pensĂ©e idĂ©alisĂ©e.  Je suis dans une relation Ă  … More Trois Allumettes