Falling Down The Rabbit Hole

Falling down the rabbit hole, Revealing pieces of my bruised soul. Judge me if you may, I’m fumbling for the right words to say. Thrown in the deep end, Slowly but surely I’ll bend, Do you think I’ll break? As I take and take. Fading away nevermore.

Turn to Rust

I believed your lie, Time after time. As I sit here and cry, Trying to conjure up a rhyme. I’ll never be the apple of your eye. You’ll never be my leading man. I am bound to you by this unwanted blood tie. Far away from you, I ran and ran. Do you feel sorrow? … More Turn to Rust


    As I lay here in bed, daydreaming like I’m Alice in Wonderland, listening to the Dave Matthews Band’s song, The Space Between, the lyrics of that song hit a nerve in an omnipotent way… “The Space BetweenWhat’s wrong and right-Is where you’ll find me hiding, waiting for you.The Space Between,Your heart and mine-Is … More Saudade

Blue Paradise

Your pretty light blue hue, No longer am I left to rue. Your intoxicating essence, I see the light, what effervescence. I’m caught in a purple haze, Or is it a stupor-like daze? Alone, I’ve spent many sleepless nights pondering. With you, I’m now wondering… How can such a tiny soul consume me? I’m floating … More Blue Paradise