My Mom, The Recycler

I always believe that at any point in your life, you can make positive changes through your actions. Mahatma Gandhi once said, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” I truly attest to this old adage and believe that real change comes from within. If you want the world around you to … More My Mom, The Recycler

Falling Down The Rabbit Hole

Falling down the rabbit hole, Revealing pieces of my bruised soul. Judge me if you may, I’m fumbling for the right words to say. Thrown in the deep end, Slowly but surely I’ll bend, Do you think I’ll break? As I take and take. Fading away nevermore.

The Monster known as Depression- RIP Robin Williams

I have not written in a while due to a sad case of writer’s block. However, I feel the need to chip in regarding the rather untimely and tragic death of quite a remarkable soul, Robin Williams. The reports are flooded with stories about his generosity, willingness and eagerness to ‘pay it forward’, simply because … More The Monster known as Depression- RIP Robin Williams

Turn to Rust

I believed your lie, Time after time. As I sit here and cry, Trying to conjure up a rhyme. I’ll never be the apple of your eye. You’ll never be my leading man. I am bound to you by this unwanted blood tie. Far away from you, I ran and ran. Do you feel sorrow? … More Turn to Rust